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Nunns Park

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Address: 3.3 miles up Provo Canyon.
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City: Provo
Fees: Pavilion #1 holds 50 people rents for $45 for one four hour time slot or $70 for the entire day. Pavillion #2 holds 100 people and rents for $65 for one four hour time slot and $100 for the entire day. Time slots are 7-11am, 12-4pm, and 5-9:30pm. Overnight camping sites are on a first come first serve basis and rent for $20 per night. more payment info...We accept mastercard, visa, checks and money orders. For more information or to make reservations, please call 801-851-8640 
Calendar: Nunn's Park Calendar

Nunns Park is named after L.L. Nunn, a pioneer in the field of hydroelectric power, who became the operator of the first 44,000 volt hydropower plant in America harnassing the flows of the Provo River. Built on this site in 1897, the plant provided electricity for mining operations near Mercur, Utah. In time, Nunn sold his interests to Utah Power and Light, who eventually sold the ground to Utah County as a park site. Located alongside the Provo River Parkway and nestled in a grove of trees, Nunn's Park offers overnight camping, picnicking, fishing, biking, jogging, and just plain escape from the traffic of life. There are plenty of family campsites on a first come, first serve basis; a pavilion can be reserved for family or group use; there are open areas just right for contemplating nothing but your favorite pastime. If you look, there are even a few reminders of the century old power plant that once turned the lights on in a remote Utah mining town and put Utah and the Provo River in the electrical history books. Public parking is limited and there is absolutely no parking on the state road or outside the county park. Groups with reservations cannot limit the public parking to only members of their group. Groups exceeding allowed parking will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.


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