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School Health Services

Scoliosis Screening- Information given to parents during maturation education. If you have any questions contact the school nurse.

Vision Screening- K, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th or 8th grades, and all special education classes. Some elementary schools screen all grades. Referrals to parents and eye specialists.

Maturation Teaching- 5th or 6th grade depending on the school district. Parents are welcome to attend programs.

Care Plans- Developed with parent and physician input for students with special health needs. Nurses train school staff to safely care for students during school hours. Contact your school to begin a care plan for your student with a medical need.

Medication Management- Medication can be given during school when necessary and district policy is followed- doctor authorization forms are available at each school.

Staff Wellness- Includes blood pressure checks, teaching on OSHA blood-bourne pathogens in the school setting, and other topics.

Immunization- Information on requirements, state clinics, etc. can be downloaded here (pdf) or on the Utah Department of Health website.

Communicable Diseases. Medical or Sick Policy for Exclusion from School.

Lice Screening- Guidelines for lice management in the school setting can be downloaded here (pdf).

Hygiene Teaching- As requested by teachers. See educational materials on






















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