Substance Abuse


Amanecer is a general outpatient treatment program for native Spanish speakers. The capacity of the program is fifteen clients, and treatment services are offered two nights per. The duration of the program is roughly five to six months. Services offered through this program include assessment and referral, group therapy, group education and skills building, family and marital counseling, individual therapy, case management, drug testing, community support meetings, and crisis support services. Services are provided in a culturally sensitive milieu by native Spanish speaking staff.

Clients are taught the differences between their native cultural and political systems and the systems unique to Utah, how to survive and thrive in those complex systems, and how to comply with community norms and expectations related to alcohol and drug use. Treatment approaches include practical day to day skills such as budgeting, how to obtain a drivers license, how to obtain a GED or ESL (English as a second language) certificate, how to be better parents, how to be more responsible with their families, and proper nutrition. Clients are encouraged to obtain screening for health related problems, and to work through whatever legal difficulties they bring to treatment.

Much of the program is “habilitation” versus “rehabilitation” - teaching clients skills and knowledge for the first time, rather than helping them relearn how to function appropriately in society after recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

Services are provided at the Utah County Health and Justice building at 151 South University Avenue. Clients can be either self referred or court ordered. Costs of treatment are subsidized, but clients are required to pay for a portion of their care according to the Division’s sliding fee scale.

Amanecer may be accessed by calling (801)851-7135 for an assessment