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With more than a million new cases of skin cancer occurring each year, resulting in more than 10,000 deaths primarily from melanoma it is important to prevent and treat skin cancers. Since the earlier treatment is initiated, the better the outcome, the Utah County Health Department regularly holds free Skin Cancer Screening Clinic.

Doctors and medical personnel will review skin conditions for individuals, looking for abnormalities that might indicate or lead to skin cancer. Referrals to local dermatologists will be made for individuals considered to be at risk. Educational materials regarding protection from the sun and free samples of skin products will also be distributed.

You may want to get screened if you have:

- A new mole, especially one that looks different from your other moles
- A change in the size, shape, color or feel of a mole,
- A red or dark flaky patch that is raised,
- A new flesh-colored firm bump,
- A sore that does not heal, or
- Any specific lesion that you are concerned about.

The doctor will determine if you need to be seen by a dermatologist, if your lesion needs to be removed, scraped or burned; if you need cryosurgery (freeze it using liquid nitrogen); if you need laser surgery, radiotherapy or any other procedure. We will provide you with a list of dermatologists of Utah County, and access to financial aid if needed. For an appointment or for questions, please call 801-851-7031.

For upcoming Cancer Screenings, please click here.

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Breast and Cervical Cancer

Breat & Cervical Cancer Screening
Screening Available to Women Ages 50-64
Treament Available to Women under Age 64

Family Size
250% Federal Poverty Level
Effective 01/01/12 to 12/31/12
Note: This CFHC schedule is based on official pverty levels published in the Federal Registry, Volume 73, No. 15.

Those who don't qualify for free screenings or treatment can take advantage of discounted exams. Please see the Sliding Fee Schedule for costs based on income.

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