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Whether it's around the corner, to a friend's house or work, or simply as exercise - Americans love to walk. But putting one foot in front of the other is becoming a more complex task. During the last decade, more than 63,000 pedestrians died and more than a million others were injured in pedestrian-vehicle crashes.

In 2016, 1,006 pedestrians were involved in motor vehicle crashes in Utah; 898 were injured and 39 were killed. The statistics tell the story of pedestrians, drivers, and others who may not have been paying attention to their environment. As pedestrians, we often don't look both ways when crossing the street; we ignore traffic signals at intersections; many times we are unaware of traffic moving around us. As drivers, we aren't always aware of pedestrians because our vision is blocked, or we don't anticipate the presence of a pedestrian.

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  • September is Green Ribbon Month
  • October is International Walk to School Day

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