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Help with Breastfeeding

Many women find breastfeeding to be a very special part of the relationship they have with their baby. They also know of the many health benefits it provides. But many women also worry about it being hard and painful. They may also wonder if they can produce enough breast milk.

Some women do not have any problems with breastfeeding. But many women have at least some challenges. Because of the many benefits of breastfeeding a mother can know it is worth it to work through any problems. Fortunately, there are many answers and help for women who breastfeed. With the right help, breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience. Utah County WIC provides many resources to breastfeeding mothers. You can find information about breastfeeding on this website and in the WIC clinic.

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Establishing a Good Milk Supply

Many mothers worry about their milk supply, especially in the early stages of breast-feeding. In fact, women will most commonly say they stopped breastfeeding because they "didn't have enough milk". It is reassuring to learn that most women are capable of making enough milk for their baby. However, there are things that can affect the quantity of breast milk. It is best to prevent the milk supply from decreasing. But, if needed, there are ways that may help to increase the milk supply.

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When Should I Not Breastfeed?

Breastfeeding provides many benefits to mother and baby. There are, however, situations where breastfeeding may not be the best option. If mother or baby has certain health conditions you should discuss with your healthcare provider if breastfeeding is safe. Sometimes you can make changes to medication or diet to safely breastfeed. Some women also find they can pump and dump for a time, then return to breastfeeding. Remember, both mother and baby are important when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding must be a healthy option for both.

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Breastfeeding Resources at WIC

Utah County WIC helps mothers with breastfeeding. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for a year or more to provide the benefits your baby needs. We want to help you with your breastfeeding goals. We provide many breastfeeding services and hope to be able to help you. If you have questions or need help with breastfeeding, call us!

Utah County WIC provides:


Ask a Dietitian

Several registered dietitians work at Utah County WIC who have training in breastfeeding. Breastfeeding gives baby the best start to good health. Our goal is to help your family reach its breastfeeding and health goals. Contact us with any breastfeeding, nutrition, or health questions. We will be glad to answer your questions or refer you to other help.

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