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The Utah County Health Department is sponsoring a kick ball tournament to recognize Kick Butts Day, a national youth anti-tobacco day.  Youth 12 to 18 are encouraged to create their own team of 10 members, or to sign up and be placed on a team with other youth. The tournament will be played on March 20th from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Peaks Arena in Provo (100 N Seven Peaks Blvd). It will be a single-elimination tournament with prizes for the winners.

Registration and waivers are available for download there, and individuals just need to return those with the $3 registration fee. Other rules and details are available there as well, or by calling 801-851-7096.

To enter, download the Parental Consent / Entry Form, fill it out and return it to:

Utah County Health and Justice Building
Sarah Simons
151 S University Ave, Ste #2700
Provo, Ut 84601

All entries must be submitted, and registration fees paid,
no later than Wednesday, March 18th at 5pm.
Event sponsored by: Utah County OUTRAGE (Youth against Tobacco). OUTRAGE is a statewide anti-tobacco youth group dedicated to educating their peers against the dangers of tobacco and other nicotine products.

Tournament Rules
(click here for printable version)

  1. To be eligible to play you must be age 12-18. Each player must be registered with a completed waiver and your $3 admission fee to the Utah County Health Department in person or via mail by the deadline of March 18th
  2. Gameplay will follow traditional kickball rules to the ability that the indoor turf and allotted time will allow
  3. Ten players are allowed per team as playing turfs are small.
  4. Players must consistently kick in team specified order per each match. Each team will provide a pitcher and catcher
  5. The tournament will be single elimination with 24 teams. After one loss, the team will not play again, but is welcome to watch
  6. Each field will have a designated referee, scorekeeper, and timer. Players must follow referee decisions and game play calls., including but not limited to: outs, balls, strikes, scoring, fouls, unfair gameplay, un-sportsmen like conduct and facility rules
  7. Matches will be fast-paced and short with a time limit of 22 minutes. At the 18 minute mark, if teams have not had equal kicking opportunity teams will switch for the last four minutes.
  8. If there is a tie at the 22 minute mark, the first team to break the tie wins
    Intentional kicks hitting the wall will be an automatic out. Non-intentional kicks hitting the wall may be caught off of the wall for an out
    Players must stay on sidelines or in designated waiting areas while not playing.
  9. Teams will follow the pre-bracketed matches. If teams are not ready to play during match time, their game may be cut short. If team takes too long, the team may be disqualified.
  10. Players must wear laced shoes
  11. Eating is not allowed on the turf. Only water is permitted on the turf.
  12. Eating is allowed in the lobby
  13. Completed Waivers must be sent to:
    Sarah Simons
    151 S University Ave Ste#2700
    Provo, UT 84601

Please call 801-851-7096 with your team name and your team members' names ASAP to assure your team a place in the tournament. Teams will be signed up on a first-come/first-served basis.

Printable flyers are available by clicking here:
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