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Meet Don

Don Lives in Payson and has served as a Senior Companion for 2 years. He tells us his favorite part of volunteering is listening to the life stories of those he visits. One of his clients is 95 years old and was in the Calvary when they still rode horses.

Don is retired and made a goal not to stagnate in retirement. He wants to serve his community and felt the Senior Companion Program was interesting. He would recommend it highly to anyone considering being a volunteer, not necessarily for the pay but for the chance to serve and help others who are less fortunate to enjoy a better quality of life.


We are so happy to have Don as a volunteer for the Senior Companion Program. His clients look forward to his visits each week.

Meet Lynn

Lynn lives and serves as a Senior Companion in Springville. Her advice to anyone thinking about joining the program is to "Go for it"! She says, "Most of the time it feels wonderful"!

Lynn became a Senior Companion because she needed a reason to get dressed and brush her teeth. She wanted some social activity and to give service. The extra money she earns was also needed.

She loves the Inservice meetings each month. She says they are uplifting, funny, informative, and lunch is always delicious!


Her favorite thing about being a Senior Companion is helping people with things they can't do like reading or writing and she likes taking them on errands.

Lynn is a great volunteer and her clients are happy and lucky to have her as their Senior Companion.

Meet Gary

Gary is 75 years-old and has been serving as a Senior Companion for over 9 years.  He says that it keeps him active and the stipend helps meet living expenses.  He looks forward to the days he does his visits. His favorite thing about being a Senior Companion is when he makes a real connection with those he serves.  Gary and one person inparticular have made that connection because they are both of Native American heritage.


Gary likes to get his clients talking about their life, family and just things in general.  He feels that everyone needs a visitor once in awhile especially when they can’t get around on their own.

Gary enjoys our monthly Inservice especially when we meet in different locations around the county such as the Orem Park, American Fork Hospital and Vivian Park.  He tells us that they are educational for the Senior Companion and they can pass the information on to their clients.

He would tell some one who is thinking about becoming a Senior Companion that it is “a great way to stay active and do a service for other seniors at the same time".

The Program is great because of volunteers like Gary.  We appreciate his dedication and reliability!

Meet Shari

Shari is 58 years old and is serving four clients.  She is a caring
and upbeat person who has much to offer.  This is what she says about being a Senior Companion—

“I have always had a lot of respect for seniors.  They deserve
dignity and respect.  This job is a blessing in that you are able to help the seniors stay in their homes.  I enjoy being their friend and the small amounts of time we can interact are important to them and to me.”


Shari adds,”The flexibility of the job and the wonderful office staff is a big
plus.  As Senior Companions, we know we are valued by the staff.  That is nice to know.”





























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