Vaccine Exemptions

Beginning on July1, 2018, the state of Utah has a new exemption form to be completed online for Personal and Religious exemptions. For the online immunization exemption go to and look for "Online Immunizations Education Module" on the top right side of the page. This will take 15-20 minutes. After completion, you will be sent an email of the exemption, which you will need to print out and give to the school.


School Immunization Exemption Process


Please check out these websites for more information on vaccines:

  • CDC -- -- The Centers for Disease Control is a government organization dedicated to healthcare worldwide.¬†They have many helpful and useful information regarding vaccines, travel and other information.

  • Immunizations Action Coalition -- -- Comprehensive information about a specific disease and the vaccine that prevents it. Each page includes a Q & A section, photos and/or video footage, true stories of individuals who have suffered or died from the disease, descriptions of public policies, and references to other resources.

  • Immunization Action Coalition -- -- This is an organization of healthcare professionals who continue to research vaccines and their efficacy.¬†There are many related links if you click on Exemption Issues on the right hand side of the page.









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