Upcoming Skin Cancer
Screening Events



July 30
August 27
September 16 & 17
October 22
November 18 & 19

Screenings will be from 8:15 am. to 11:30 am. at 151 S. University Avenue Ste. 1709 (Health & Justice Building) in Provo.

Walk-ins are welcome. To make an appointment call 801-851-7038.

The screening takes from 5 - 10 minutes. You will get a gift bag with information, sunscreen, a UV card and a UV bracelet. “Play safe in the sun” tattoos will be offered for children.

Skin cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in the United States, and Melanoma is the most serious form of this disease. The good news is that it is highly treatable when detected early.

These ABCDEs of melanoma detection will help you to determine if you need to be screened or not:

  • Asymmetry - One half of the mole does not match the other half.
  • Border - The borders of the mole are irregular, ragged, blurred, or notched.
  • Color - The color of the mole is nor the same throughout. There may be different shades of tan, brown, black, red, blue, or white.
  • Diameter - The mole is larger than 6 millimeters (about ¼ inch, roughly the size of a pencil eraser).
  • Evolution - The mole has been growing or changed its shape or color.

Know that moles can look suspicious and turn out to be completely harmless, so finding one that has any of the characteristics mentioned above does not necessarily mean it is a type of cancer.























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