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Welcome to the Utah County Sheriff's Office Enforcement Bureau

Doug Squire
Forensic Supervisor

Evidence and Forensic Lab
office number 801-851-4014


Evidence and Forensic Crime Lab

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office Evidence and Forensic Lab is a section of the Investigations Division. It consists of personnel who are dedicated and committed to serving the citizens of Utah County and is a support to other Law Enforcement agencies within Utah.

Personnel receive specialized training in forensics which include crime scene management, fingerprints, impression evidence, drug identification, trajectory, photography and many other disciplines of forensic science. Personnel conduct and give support training throughout Utah County. Personnel respond to all major cases of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office and serve on the Utah County Officer Involved Shooting Protocol Team.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office has one of the most up to date evidence facilities in the State of Utah. It controls over 80,000 pieces of evidence at one time. Preserving and maintaining the integrity of the evidence for the prosecution of offenders.

For any other questions please contact the Investigations Division or contact us at the email address or phone number listed above.