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Utah County Missing Persons

This page is dedicated to any person or person's that are currently missing from Utah County. This includes all case files being looked into by police departments or the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

Any person having information as to the disappearance of any of the following individuals is urged to contact your local police department by phone or email the Utah County Sheriff's Office. Citizens can make an anonymous phone call and leave a tip after hours by calling 801-851-8847. We will forward any pertinent information to local police departments.

Case Files

Photo Not Available Missing Person- Mary Katherine Miller
Mary Katherine Miller of Provo, Utah has been missing since June 1979. She was last seen leaving her vehicle off the Timpenooke trail road near the face of Timp. She has not been seen since.

If you would like ID kits with fingerprints and DNA that can be filled out and kept, please contact Jennifer Robinson at 801-851-4335. For more information on RADKids, the leading preventive child safety program, please visit http://www.radkids.org.