Utah County LEPC

Tier II Reporting

The LEPC prefers that each facility use EPA's Tier2Submit software application for the current reporting year. The LEPC will accept Tier2Submit electronic file submissions via email attachment, or submissions on diskette, or paper through regular mail. The LEPC will reply in kind to submissions (of Tier2Submit electronic files only) made by email with an acknowledgment of receipt only. Email acknowledgment does not constitute validity of the data and a followup notification will be made to the facility if the LEPC encounters problems with data.

When using the Tier2Submit application, the LEPC requests that each facility enter its Utah Tier II State ID number (A facility submitting Tier II for the first time should contact the Utah Department of Environmental Quality to be assigned a State ID number).

Utah Tier II Supplemental Guidance Document (2010)

Tier2 Submit Software Download

Tier II Forms and Instructions

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