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Curious about the nomination guidelines? View guidelines and download the nomination form.

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The Utah County "Employee of the Month" program strives to recognize employees for their outstanding contributions made to Utah County.

The "Employee of the Month" Committee is comprised by employees who are representatives from various departments who each serve a two-year term. The County Departments are divided into six groupings that are comparable in size, and a representative is selected from each group. The Committee typically meets mid-month each month, and the representative is responsible for gathering nominations for employees from their assigned departments. The groups are rotated, so that every six months, each group is eligible to present their nominations; an employee is selected as the Employee of the Month for that particular month.

The following may answer questions you may have regarding this program:

  • *All employees are eligible for nomination except : elected officials; 1000 hour time limited positions. (*If an employee has been selected as an Employee of the Month, they are not eligible for selection for another five years.)
  • Anyone (preference is for a group of two or more) can nominate an employee at any time by sending your representative (or Jane Ivie/ Human Resources - Chairperson of the Employee of the Month Committee) your nomination. Email is a wonderful and convenient way to do this! A nomination form is available from your representative or you may download the nomination form.
  • A nomination should include comments addressing the ability the employee has working with fellow employees, supervisors, the public, personal initiative and job performance.
  • The nomination will then be submitted when the group that includes the nominated employee's department is scheduled to present their nominations to select an employee of the month for that month.
  • The selected employee is announced by the Commissioners during the first commission meeting of the month.
  • The selected employee is given a certificate by the Commissioners, a picture of the employee is placed in the main level of the Administration Building on the "Employee of the Month Wall" and they receive additional hours of vacation. They are also eligible to be considered for the "Employee of the Year" (chosen from all the current year nominees.)
  • The selected employee for the "Employee of the Year" is typically announced during a regularly scheduled Commission meeting in December.

The following is a listing of the current Representatives, the Departments they represent, and the times their nominations will be presented for selection: (Note: If the meeting is held in January, it will be the selection for the month of February)

Group No. : 1
Group Departments : Assessor, Attorney, Records Management, Recorder, Treasurer
Group Representative : Vicky Koop
  Ext. : 8190 / Email : vickyk@utahcounty.gov
Nomination Dates : June 15, December 14
Group No. : 2
Group Departments : Health and WIC, Senior Services
Group Representative : Julie Dey
  Ext. : 7012 / Email : Julied@utahcounty.gov
Nomination Dates : January 19, July 13
Group No. : 3
Group Departments : CJC, Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment, USU Extension, Justice Court, Public Works
Group Representative : PJ Maughan
  Ext. : 7127 / Email : Meriallanm@utahcounty.gov
Nomination Dates : February 19, August 13
Group No. : 4
Group Departments : Corrections Support Services, Prisoner Benefits Food Service, Jail Industries, Housing Jail Programs, Jail Booking
Group Representative : Russel Long
  Ext. : / Email : russell@utahcounty.gov
Nomination Dates : March 16, September 14
Group No. : 5
Group Departments : Clerk/Auditor, Commission, Community Development, Elections,Information Systems,Personnel
Group Representative : Sarah Ruiz
  Ext. : 8165 / Email : sarahr@utahcounty.gov
Nomination Dates : April 13, October 12
Group No. : 6
Group Departments : Sheriff Admin, Animal Control, Emergency Services, Investigations, Judicial Services, Patrol, Sex Crimes, Detectives
Group Representative : Garrett Dutson
  Ext. : 4050 / Email : Garrettd@utahcounty.gov
Nomination Dates : May 18, November 16
Group No. : 7
Group Departments : Includes all Utah County Groups.
Group Representative : All Groups
  Ext. : 8164 / Email : janei@utahcounty.gov
Nomination Dates : Any


Thank you for your participation and nominations that make this a meaningful program recognizing the exceptional employees who work for Utah County Government!

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this program.

- Jane Ivie
Chairperson, Employee of the Month/Year Program