Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is an unexplained death that occurs among apparently healthy infants from the age of one month to a year. Most researchers believe that babies who die of SIDS are born with one or more conditions that make them vulnerable to stresses. It occurs among all types of families, races, and households. SIDS is very devastating to parents. It is important to know about it and what can be done to help decrease the chances of SIDS.

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Back to Sleep!

Back to Sleep is a campaign to teach parents and infant caregivers how to decrease the chance of SIDS. It is especially a reminder that the safest way to put babies to sleep is on their backs. Back to Sleep makes a big difference in decreasing the chance of SIDS and keeping babies like yours happy and healthy.

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SIDS Guidelines and Prevention

SIDS is something that worries many parents. It is a terrifying thought to think of finding your baby who passed away from SIDS. Until baby turns one year of age there is a risk. The cause of SIDS is not known. But fortunately experts have found several ways to greatly decrease the risk of SIDS happening. Parents who follow these recommendations can reduce the chance of SIDS for their baby.

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