Child Abuse and Neglect



About Child Abuse

There are many types of abuse. It can happen in unexpected ways and is very harmful. It is very important to recognize the ways it can happen and to prevent it. Different kinds of abuse include:

  • Emotional Abuse:
    This can include threats, humiliation, or even making fun.
  • Neglect:
    Occurs when a child’s basic needs are not met.
  • Physical Abuse:
    Physical harm from things like hitting and beating.
  • Sexual Abuse:
    Can happen through direct sexual acts. Sexual abuse also includes forcing a child look at inappropriate things.

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Preventing Child Abuse

To prevent abuse it is important to first recognize what it is. If you know what it is steps can be taken so it does not happen in your own home. Programs such as anger management and counseling can be helpful to many. It is always better to prevent abuse. Abuse can have a lifelong effect on a child and can be hard to overcome. If abuse happens it should be reported.

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Resources About Child Abuse

Because child abuse is so hurtful there are many people working to prevent and stop it. You may be looking to try and stop abuse in your home. Or you might want to know how you can help prevent child abuse in the community you live in. Many people and organizations working together can make a difference!

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