Family Planning



Planning a Pregnancy

Many pregnancies happen as a surprise and parents may not be ready for the event. Planning your next pregnancy is a good idea so you and your family can prepare well. This gives you peace of mind that you are ready for the change and to care for the new baby that will arrive. Questions to consider are: How much space do you want to have between children? Are the parents emotionally ready for the new demands of a newborn? Is the woman physically healthy to have a pregnancy? Is the family financially prepared for the expenses of a new infant?

Fortunately there are many resources available to help you plan well for your next pregnancy. They can answer the many questions you might have about your growing family.

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Birth Control

Being pregnant and having children can be a wonderful thing in a women’s life. But there are times when a woman may want to protect against becoming pregnant. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy. The only sure way to prevent pregnancy is to not have sex, but there are many other options. A lot of women do not know what choices there are for birth control. Or they may not know enough about the different choices. Although there are many methods that work to stop pregnancy, each type of birth control works a little bit differently. Different forms of birth control have different side effects and some work better than others.

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Pregnancy Tests

There are some women who always know right away when they are pregnant. And rarely there are women who do not realize they are pregnant until months later. Most women have a slight idea and wonder if they are pregnant and want to find out for sure. To tell if you are pregnant there are physical symptoms that are good signs. Some women have these symptoms, but some women do not. Missing a period is a good reason to look into taking some kind of pregnancy test. There are several ways to test to be sure you are pregnant. You can always visit your doctor for testing and to get answers to your questions about pregnancy.

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