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Benefits of Breastfeeding

There are many less known facts about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can provide physical, financial, and emotional benefits to mom and baby. So it is great to breastfeed for a year or more! The longer breastfeeding continues the better! Many women even say they feel closer to their breastfed baby. Why not give it a try! Experience for yourself the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding!

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Feeding Your Infant

Your baby is finally here! Now it is time to feed him. The best thing for baby is breast milk. WIC can help you learn how to breastfeed and teach you about all of its benefits. If you choose to give iron-fortified infant formula WIC nutritionists can answer questions you might have. As baby grows, you can introduce solid foods. If you are breastfeeding, it is best to wait until baby is 6 months old. Baby will learn to eat with his hands and later with a spoon and fork. At first he will need your assistance and then he will eat by himself. Baby will also learn to drink from a cup, which can help prevent infant tooth decay. Patience is needed to both teach and learn proper infant feeding.

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Making Your Own Baby Food

Making your own baby food is a way for you to control what your baby is eating everyday. There will be no added sugar, salt, fat, etc. You are able to choose food that is completely natural. When you make your own baby food, you can give your baby a wide variety of food. Homemade foods are often made from foods that are commonly found in the home. This helps baby get used to what the family normally eats. This often helps make the transition from baby food to table food less stressful for baby. And all the tools you need to make your own baby food are probably already in your kitchen. Homemade baby food can be a way to save money and give your baby the very best.

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About Listeriosis

Listeriosis (li-steer-ee-oh-sis) is a bacterial infection. It occurs most often in infants and elderly patients, but anyone can become infected. The symptoms of this bacterial infection can be mild or severe. The bacteria are found most often in water and soil. Infected animals may also spread the bacteria. Certain foods can become contaminated with Listeria. Pregnant women, young children and those with weaker immune systems especially need to be careful about Listeria. There are ways to help make sure that food is safe from Listeria.

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