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WIC Playground!

Your children will never get bored with our large lists of activities. There are many things you can do with your child so your family can stay active and healthy. Many activities also help develop motor skills with Cooking, Music, and Play ideas. We hope you enjoy this section of our website!

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Dental Health for Children

A child’s mouth is an exciting place!  Babies go from having no teeth at all to having 20. They then lose and replace them with a total of 32 teeth, all before they are about 13 years old! While this process can be fun it can also be challenging and painful for both parent and child. This feels especially true when a baby first starts teething. This article addresses many topics associated with children’s dental health. 


Lead Poisoning

When a person is exposed to high levels of lead it can cause serious problems. Children can be at risk of lead poisoning. Toddlers like to explore their world, and often do this by putting things in their mouths. A child may eat old paint peeling or soil that contains lead. Unfortunately, lead can be found in items you might not guess, such as toys. It is important to learn what can be done to prevent lead poisoning. Parent can help protect their child from lead poisoning.

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About Listeriosis

Listeriosis (li-steer-ee-oh-sis) is a bacterial infection. It occurs most often in infants and elderly patients, but anyone can become infected. The symptoms of this bacterial infection can be mild or severe. The bacteria are found most often in water and soil. Infected animals may also spread the bacteria. Certain foods can become contaminated with Listeria. Pregnant women, young children and those with weaker immune systems especially need to be careful about Listeria. There are ways to help make sure that food is safe from Listeria.

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