About Immunizations

When children are born they already have already received antibodies from their mother through the placenta. Baby also receives more antibodies from breast milk. However, the children also need immunizations to help protect them from certain illnesses. Some of these diseases are very serious. Immunizations were developed to keep children in healthy, happy, and active. They have made a big difference in the world. Immunizations help to reduce illness and death among children.

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Safety of Immunizations

Immunizations are very safe. Any small risks from immunizations are outweighed by the benefits. Any reaction to the shots will usually only last a few hours. To have a worse reaction is very rare. All children enrolled in school are required to be immunized. This makes sure that no one will get certain serious diseases. It is also much less costly to prevent a disease than it is to cure someone with the disease. Talk with your doctor if you have any questions about the safety of immunizations.

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Schedule for Immunizations

There is a recommended schedule for immunizations. This is important to follow because your will build up the defenses towards certain serious diseases at a young age. However, if your child is not up to date on immunizations there is a catch-up route. Even teenagers can catch up on immunizations that were missed. This will help your child receive the immunizations she needs for good health.

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