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Since your baby is so new to the world, he may not be able to fight all of the germs that can make him sick. There are many ways you can help keep baby healthy. Breast-feeding is an especially important way to keep him healthy. When baby gets immunizations as recommended it will help protect from certain diseases. You can help baby stay healthy by washing hands often and using food safety. It is also important to go to well-baby check-ups to monitor health, growth, and development.

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Active Play with Your Infant

The life of a newborn can be exciting as they learn and discover the world! As parents the way you interact and play with your infant helps teach her about the world she lives in. It teaches her how to live. She will learn as you play that life should include physical activity, and that it is fun! This will help establish healthy habits at a young age.

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Dental Health for Infants

A child’s mouth is an exciting place!  Babies go from having no teeth at all to having 20. They then lose and replace them with a total of 32 teeth, all before they are about 13 years old! While this process can be fun it can also be challenging and painful for both parent and child. This feels especially true when a baby first starts teething. This article addresses many topics associated with children’s dental health. 

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