Getting Ready For Your New Baby



Preparing for the New Baby

As you are preparing for life with a new baby, there are many practical things you can do to face the new challenges. If this is your first child, you need to make your house a safe place to raise your baby. You may want to purchase a crib, blankets, clothing, and toys. Perhaps, a new bedroom will need to be furnished. Parents should discuss together what changes will need to be made to bring this new baby into the home. You can teach older children about being sensitive and caring for the baby. Preparing in advance will make welcoming a new baby into your home a pleasant experience.

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Taking Care of Your New Arrival

Once you’ve brought your new baby home, making adjustments in your home is critical. To make the transition easier, you can prepare in advance by choosing a doctor for baby. Ask your doctor about immunizations and plan your schedule accordingly. Prepare to spend quality time with baby. Other things that you may want to consider are sleeping arrangements, eating habits, bathing procedures, and car seats. Remember, many babies will eat frequently day and night. You can keep baby in your room or purchase baby monitors to help you hear when hungry or crying. Babies will demand a lot of time and attention so be prepared to give all of the care and love that she needs.

Topics of Interest:

  • Bathing a Newborn
  • Breastfeeding
  • Car Seats
  • Childhood Safety
  • Discipline
  • Health and Immunizations
  • Nutrition
  • Normal Development
  • Parenting
  • The Importance of Fathers

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Fussy Baby and Colic

Some nights it may seem as if your newborn baby will never stop crying. This is very stressful and frustrating for any parent. Even though it is really difficult to cope with the stress of a crying baby, there are some things you can do to handle the pressure. First, you must always remember to NEVER shake your baby. The screaming and wailing can be agitating, but a baby’s brain is not fully developed, and if the brain hits a boney skull, permanent brain damage or death could occur. Remember, abuse is never the answer. Most babies cry because they want food, a diaper change, or attention. Babies use crying to signal that something is wrong. Talk with other parents about how they deal with the stress of a crying baby. Find friends and family who can give you advice and support. There are websites and community resources that can also help. Always remember to keep the situation in perspective and to be gentle with your baby.

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