Getting Ready For Your New Baby



Normal Development

It is an exciting to watch as your infant learns and develops so quickly. A baby learns so much from her surroundings. It can make a parent proud to watch as she reaches different developmental milestones. However, sometimes parents may wonder if their baby is developing normally. What are the milestones and when should they be reached? Information here can teach parents the answers to these questions. And parents can help babies develop to their potential as they interact often together.

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When Should I Be Concerned?

It is true that each baby develops at her own rate. Some babies will start to grasp objects, roll over, and crawl at different ages. However, there are normal development guidelines that an infant should reach. If she fails to reach these development stages there could be a medical or development problem of some kind. Ask our pediatrician if you have any concerns about your baby’s development.

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Interacting With Your Infant

It is amazing how much energy children have! As parents you might be wishing you could borrow some of that energy so you can try and keep up. Children have great interest in trying new things. It can be challenging to figure out how to keep children busy all the time with quality activities. WIC Playground will provide you with ideas and links to resources to help you enjoy a variety of activities rain or shine.

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