Activities by Age: Infants

WIC Playground

Infants (0 to 12 months) need to move! As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide this opportunity. Before you start, make sure you are in a safe environment for baby to move, crawl, and wiggle. Do not participate in rough activities with your infant. These “rough and tumble” activities are usually too vigorous and cause distress for an infant.

Appropriate activities should be gentle. Gently turning, rolling, bouncing, and swaying infants help to increase their muscle strength and intellect by developing connections between the brain and muscles. If baby is just 0-3 months, engage in more simple activities. As an infant increases in age, he will be able to pay better attention and grab for objects. Some activities to do with your infant are below. However, the list is endless, just be safe and use your imagination!

Developmental Activities

Help your infant with development by helping her move!

Neck Movement
Way to Go! Way to Grow!

Way to Go! Way to Grow!

Leg Lifts
Way to Go! Way to Grow!

Way to Go! Way to Grow!


Other Fun Activities

Need some more ideas for fun play activities with infants?

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