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Utah County Health Department Division of Substance Abuse  


The Division of Substance Abuse contracts with Project Reality to provide methadone maintenance treatment for Utah County. Project Reality, a non-profit agency founded in 1971, offers a variety of services designed to provide comprehensive, therapeutic treatment to patients with substance abuse problems.

Methadone is a synthetic opiate used in the treatment of opioid dependent individuals.
Methadone has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for heroin and other opiate addictions. Administered in liquid form, methadone provides relief from physical withdrawal so recovering addicts feel better, are able to focus on getting better and develop a more functional lifestyle.

At Project Reality, substance abuse is viewed as a chronic disease with complex biological, psychological, and social components. Project Reality has five major goals for its patients which include:

  1. Stopping the substance abuse
  2. Improving physical health
  3. Better psychological and social health
  4. Ability to support self and family
  5. Stopping illegal activity

Daily methadone and other specialized drug treatments are fully monitored. These treatments, along with a broad array of psychological and social services and the patient’s commitment to success, are how the five goals are met.

All admissions to Project Reality are voluntary and confidential. To qualify for services, individuals must first complete an admissions screening process. Individuals may be screened by telephone, or through agency referral. The screening process allows us to collect important information and make sure Project Reality is right for the individual. After the screening comes the intake process. It takes about two hours and includes:

  1. Drug and medical history
  2. Physical exam and lab work
  3. Psychosocial assessment
  4. Treatment plan

Fees are set on a sliding scale and funding assistance may be available. A "Self Pay" option is also available. Project Reality accepts Medicaid and other private insurance.

The goal of methadone maintenance is total rehabilitation of the patient. Eventual withdrawal from the use of all drugs including methadone is an appropriate plan. Detoxification from methadone comes after stability of dose, elimination of illicit use, lifestyle changes, and therapy. Most importantly, detox will be professionally monitored to ensure successful treatment.

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