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Influenza Vaccinations
(Seasonal Flu Shots)

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends an annual flu vaccine for everyone ages 6 months and older as the first and best way to protect against influenza.

The UCHD now has all varieties of influenza vaccine, including flu shots (injectable), nasal ("FluMist"), high dose, preservative free.

Our main office is located in Provo with Satellite Clinics in American Fork and Payson (click on the links for clinic hours and locations). All clinics have walk, first-come/first.

*Call for current pricing.

Flu Vaccine is now available.

Type* Notes
(Flu Shot)
Quadrivalent (4 strain)
(Flu Mist)
Vaccine given in nose. Quadrivalent (4 strain). Cannot be given to individuals with certain conditions such as asthma or pregnancy.
Preservative Free For children ages 6 months to 3 years.
Preservative Free For Individuals ages 3 to 64 years of age.
High Dose For adults 65 years and older.

* For more information about the types of vaccines, who should use which, and possible reactions, please see the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Influenza Vaccine Information Statements at

** Cost is discounted for payment at time of service. We accept many health insurances, Medicaid and Medicare for flu vaccines (see your own insurance for coverage benefits). Find out if you qualify for the VFC Program.

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For a list of community clinics, please see or regular clinics for one of our office clinics.



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Community Vaccination Clinics

Besides our regular clinics, the UCHD has community clinics available that offer flu as well as other adult and childhood immunizations. These events vary in time and location, and are subject to change, so please check back for updates.

Form To speed up your check-in process, download and print the Screening Sheet (download English or Spanish).
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Immunization Safety


National Immunization Hotline

National Spanish Immunization Hotline

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