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Thanks to everyone who made the conference possible. In an effort to assist others in preparedness, we are sharing the following presentations and links. These are meant as a resource, and not an endorsement of specific plans or products.

Presentation Slides

Burn Plans - What are they, and why should I be concerned? by Annette Matherly

Family Reconnection by Trisha Holmes, American Red Cross

One Size Does Not Fit All -- Meeting the needs of children after disasters by Bruce Lockwood
The Children of Katrina and Rita -- Video #1
The Children of Katrina and Rita -- Video #2

Pediatric Points of Preparedness, by Tia Dalrymple

Preparedness in Our Schools and How Emergency Services Can Help by
Captain Chuck Cruz, West Valley City Fire Dept.

Vulnerabilities of Children During Disasters, by Catherine M. Johnson

What Happens After the Disaster, PTSD in Children by Keri Herrmann

Links to Resources

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Masters of Disasters School Preparedness

American Academy of Pediatrics Children and Disasters

National Child Traumatic Stress Network/Psychological First Aid

Save the Children/Report Card on US preparedness for children in disasters

New York City Department of Health/Pediatric Disaster Toolkit and Tabletop Exercise Template

International Association of Emergency Managers/Children in disasters caucus

IS-366: Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters, US Dept of Homeland Security, FEMA Emergency Management Institute
(or see www.utah.train.org, course #1022817)

Additional Resources

Children's Health Information Red Pack (CHIRP) for Children with Special Health Care Needs from the Utah Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services

Disaster Response and Triage for Kids, integrated training workshop slides from the King County Healthcare Coalition

Preparedness Checklist for Pediatric Practices from the American Academy of Pediatrics
























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