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Early Voting Information

The Utah County Clerk's Office provides voters the option of voting prior to Election Day at any Early Voting Location. Registered voters may visit any Early Voting Location and cast a ballot in person using a touch screen voting device. Voters are not required to go to a certain location to vote early, you may visit any site within Utah County to vote. Early voting begins 14 days before Election Day, and ends the Friday before Election Day.

Eligibility : In order to be eligible to participate in Early Voting, voters must be registered to vote at least 30 days prior to the election and provide valid voter identification.

Valid voter identification means:

  1. A form of identification that bears the name and photograph of the voter;
  2. OR
  3. Two forms of identification that bear the name of the voter and provide evidence that the voter resides in the voting precinct.

Early Voting Locations & Times

Early Voting Locations - Map