The Official Website of Utah County Government

Utah County Clerk/Auditor

Amelia Powers Gardner

Utah County Clerk Auditor
Primary Elections will be held on August 13, 2019

Primary Elections will be held for the following Cities/Districts:
Eagle Mountain Highland Lehi Mapleton Orem
Pleasant Grove Provo Council District 3 Provo Council District 4 Santaquin Springville

Curbside Ballot Drop Box Locations

Beginning July 25, the following cities will have curbside ballot drop boxes. These boxes will be available for voters to drop their ballots in 24/7 until the Primary Election Day on Aug 13. On the day of the Election, the boxes will only be open until 8 pm. They will be closed after that deadline.

City Box Location
Eagle Mountain At the city office on the north end of the building at 1650 Stagecoach Run in Eagle Mountain
Highland At the city office building located at 5400 Civic Center Dr in Highland.
Lehi At the city office building located at 153 North 100 East in Lehi
Orem Two locations at the city office complex. The first box is located in the library loop on 100 N State St in Orem. The second box is on the south end of the parking lot near State St and Center St in Orem.
Pleasant Grove At the city office building located at 108 South 100 East in Pleasant Grove
Provo At the Provo City Library located at 550 N University Ave in Provo. The drop box is on the north end next to the book return.

In-Office Drop Box Locations

Beginning July 25, the following cities will have ballot drop boxes located inside their city offices. These drop boxes will be available during business hours only. Check the city's website for their current hours.

City Box Location
Eagle Mountain Inside the City Recorders office located at 1650 Stagecoach Run in Eagle Mountain.
Lehi Inside the City Recorders office located at 153 North 100 East in Lehi.
Mapleton Inside the City Recorders office located at 125 East 400 North in Mapleton.
Provo Rec Center Inside the Rec Center at the front desk located at 320 West 500 North in Provo.
Provo City Center Inside the City Recorders office located at 351 W Center St in Provo.
Santaquin Inside the City Recorders office located at 275 West Main St in Santaquin.
Springville Inside the City Recorders office located at 110 South Main St in Springville.

2019 Candidate and Ballot Information
Last updated July 29, 2019 9:45 am
Name Office Address Phone Email
Kimberly Arnold Bryant City Council (4yr) 1020 E Oakhill Dr
Alpine Utah 84004
385-209-8317 alpinecity252@gmail.com
Lon Lott City Council (4yr) 745 S 580 W
Alpine Utah 84004
801-400-5165 lonmoralpine@gmail.com
Melanie Ewing City Council (4yr) 1130 E 600 S
Alpine Utah 84004
801-850-3200 melanie@melanieewing.com
Gregory S. Gordon City Council (4yr) 198 Sequoia Circle
Alpine Utah 84004
801-864-4734 ggordo@gmail.com
Judi Pickell City Council (4yr) 631 N Hillside Circle
Alpine Utah 84004
801-376-2065 judipickell@gmail.com
Jason Thelin City Council (2yr) 525 N Alpine Blvd
Alpine Utah 84004
American Fork
Daniel Copper City Council (4yr) 52 S 100 W #2
American Fork Utah 84003
Kevin J. Barnes City Council (4yr) 755 N 350 W
American Fork Utah 84003
801-360-5396 kjb@votekevinjbarnes.com
Kyle Barratt City Council (4yr) Private
American Fork Utah 84003
801-362-7113 votebarratt@gmail.com
Robert Shelton City Council (4yr) 1132 N 1050 E
American Fork Utah 84003
801-830-4386 rob@voteshelton.com
Jeffrey C. Shorter City Council (4yr) 592 W 900 N
American Fork Utah 84003
801-787-3347 jeff.shorter@utahlaw-smart.com
Clark P. Taylor City Council (4yr) 108 N 960 E
American Fork Utah 84003
801-810-7532 clark@perfectlytaylored.com
Cedar Fort
Laura Ault City Council (4yr) Cedar Fort Utah 84013 cfskier@gmail.com
Cedar Hills
Kelly Smith City Council (4yr) 9037 Silver Lake Drive
Cedar Hills Utah 84062
801-663-4254 kellylaysmith@gmail.com
Brian J. Miller City Council (4yr) 10428 N Tamarack Way
Cedar Hills Utah 84062
801-920-7534 mr.brianmiller@gmail.com
Mike Geddes City Council (4yr) 9644 Winchester Drive
Cedar Hills Utah 84062
801-787-8238 socksy123@aol.com
Eagle Mountain
Colby Curtis City Council (4yr) 5132 E Red River Drive
Eagle Mountain Utah 84005
801-867-5493 colby@colbycurtis.org
Jeremey Bergener City Council (4yr) 3737 N Downwater Street
Eagle Mountain Utah 84005
801-301-3371 bergenerjc@gmail.com
Kaden Shumway City Council (4yr) Eagle Mountain Utah 801-856-7778
Devyn Smith City Council (4yr) 1789 E Skyline Drive Unit H6
Eagle Mountain Utah 84005
801-889-5581 devyn@votedevyn.com
Carolyn Love City Council (4yr) PO Box 1095
Pleasant Grove Utah 84062
385-286-9102 carolyn4office@carolynlove.org
Jonathan Vail City Council (4yr) 2371 E OxYoke Dr
Eagle Mountain Utah 84005
801-792-0730 vote4vail@outlook.com
Rich Wood City Council (4yr) 4602 E Ponderosa Way
Eagle Mountain Utah 84005
801-980-1195 richwood.emcity@gmail.com
Jared Gray City Council (4yr) Eagle Mountain Utah grayjar@gmail.com
Ben Porter City Council (4yr) 7552 N Kidwelly Ct
Eagle Mountain Utah 84005
385-286-9102 ben@benporterforcitycouncil.com
Matt Downing City Council (4yr) 3444 E Appaloosa Way
Eagle Mountain Utah 84005
801-855-6048 Matt4emcity@gmail.com
Elk Ridge
Jim Chase City Council (2yr) Private
Elk Ridge Utah 84654
801-271-7455 jimlchase@yahoo.com
Paul Crook City Council (4yr) 144 S Astor Lane
Elk Ridge Utah 84654
385-335-0641 crookpj@gmail.com
Gary Abbott City Council (4yr) 361 E Salem Hills Drive
Elk Ridge Utah 84654
801-423-8243 trains@digis.net
Tricia Thomas City Council (4yr) 182 W Wolverine Creek
Elk Ridge Utah 84654
801-918-1895 triciathomas@gmail.com
Cory L. Thompson City Council (4yr) Elk Ridge Utah 84654 385-219-1351
Michael F. Turner City Council (2yr) 463 E Salem Hills Drive
Elk Ridge Utah 84654
801-423-0907 mfturner007@msn.com
Daymon D. Stephens City Council (2yr) Seat D 17644 W 1540 N
Fairfield Utah 84013
Hollie C. McKinney City Council (4yr) Seat A 17562 W 1540 N
Fairfield Utah 84013
801-766-9392 holliemc.fairfield@gmail.com
David Riet City Council (4yr) Seat A 166 N 18040 W
Fairfield Utah 84013
801-360-6826 david166618040@gmail.com
Bradley R. Gurney Mayor (4yr) 17400 W 1520 N
Fairfield Utah 84013
801-874-8386 mayor@fairfieldtown.org
Jayson Densley City Council (2yr) Seat D 1488 N Hwy 73
Fairfield Utah 84013
801-301-3744 densley.fairfield@gmail.com
Tyler Thomas City Council (4 yr) Seat B 1599 N 17790 W
Fairfield Utah 84013
801-921-0833 tybthomas@yahoo.com
Lori Christensen City Council (2yr) 122 E 1600 N
Genola, Utah 84655
Mike Olsen City Council (4yr) 1922 N Lake Road
Genola, Utah 84655
Neil Brown City Council (4yr) 747 North Main
Genola, Utah 84655
John R. Savage City Council (4yr) 74 W 800 S
Genola, Utah 84655
Hale Robison City Council (2yr) 342 E 400 S
Genola, Utah 84655
Bryan Draper City Council (2yr) 151 S Main
Genola, Utah 84655
Lindsay Farnsworth City Council (4yr) PO BOX 206
Goshen Utah 84633
Charles Pipkin City Council (4yr)
Goshen Utah 84633
Randy Thomas City Council (4yr) 175 S 200 W
Goshen Utah 84633
Doug Cortney City Council (4yr) 10891 N 5750 W
Highland Utah 84003
801-380-9133 doug@cortney.email
Timothy A. Ball City Council (4yr) 11835 B Atlas Drive
Highland Utah 84003
805-415-0615 Timball4highland@gmail.com
Brittney P. Bills City Council (4yr) 11254 N Park Drive
Highland Utah 84003
801-331-5223 brittney2@thebillsfamily.com
Kelly Branan Withdrew City Council (4yr) Highland Utah
David B. Larsen II City Council (4yr) 12517 N Minots Ledge Dr
Highland Utah 84003
801-319-3195 dlarsen83@gmail.com
Anthony S. Eardley Withdrew City Council (4yr) Highland Utah    
Kim Rodela City Council (4yr) 6565 W 10380 N
Highland Utah 84003
480-329-9172 kimrodela@gmail.com
Thomas H. Howell Withdrew City Council (4yr) Highland Utah
Tina Grundmann Withdrew City Council (4yr) Highland Utah
Kenneth S. Knapton III City Council (4yr) 6255 W 10150 N
Highland Utah 84003
801-367-7901 ken@knaptonfamily.net
Jeffrey Davis Withdrew City Council (4yr) Highland Utah
Troy A. Dyches City Council (4yr) 9757 N 5580 W
Highland Utah 84003
801-420-7732 troydyches@gmail.com
Wayne Knoll Tanaka City Council (4yr) 10906 B Marsala Drive
Highland Utah 84003
801-807-3696 waynetanaka10@yahoo.com
Christopher Thayne City Council (4yr) 10915 N 5870 W
Highland Utah 84003
801-400-6491 cjthayne@me.com
Rachel Dyer Summers Withdrew City Council (4yr) Highland Utah
Ammon Crossette City Council (4yr) 820 E 500 N
Lehi Utah 84043
385-497-2896 ammoncrossette@yahoo.com
Jason Oviatt City Council (4yr) 1134 FW Appaloosa Ln
Lehi Utah 84043
801-318-1120 oviatt7@gmail.com
Paige Albrecht City Council (4yr) 145 E 200 N
Lehi Utah 84043
801-310-4710 paigealbrecht@yahoo.com
Cody Black City Council (4yr) 2023 N 600 W
Lehi Utah 84043
801-362-4135 cpdu@checkerflag.biz
Mike V. Southwick City Council (4yr) 478 N 300 W
Lehi Utah 84043
801-358-8360 mvsouthwick@yahoo.com
Michelle Miles City Council (4yr)
Lehi Utah 84043
801-400-7336 michellehmiles@gmail.com
Steven Werner City Council (4yr)
Lehi Utah 84043
206-446-8666 steven.w.werner@gmail.com
Jonathan Wills City Council (4yr) 1591 S 270 E
Lehi Utah 84043
208-339-0823 willisjtc@gmail.com
Johnny Revill City Council (4yr) 1234 W 525 S
Lehi Utah 84043
801-318-9188 jrevill1023@gmail.com
Montane Hamilton City Council (4yr) 5258 N Grey Hawk Drive
Lehi Utah 84043
970-389-3115 montane@montane.org
Tahnee Hamilton City Council (4yr) 680 W Main Street
Lehi Utah 84043
801-634-2131 tahneehamilton@gmail.com
Matthew Wynn Hemmet City Council (4yr) 723 Hidden Manor Cir
Lehi Utah 84043
801-815-4368 mwhemmert@gmail.com
Henry Rudolph Kneitz III City Council (4yr) 6851 E Bullrush Pkwy
Lehi Utah 84043
626-592-3394 henrykneitz@yahoo.com
Katie Koivisto City Council (4yr)
Lehi Utah 84043
385-447-7802 koivisto.katie@gmail.com
Deny A. Farnworth City Council (4yr) 592 W Gillman Lane
Lindon Utah 84042
801-785-8676 deny@teamfci.com
Carolyn Lundberg City Council (4yr) 77 E 640 N
Lindon Utah 84042
801-358-6965 carolyn@onvoyinc.com
Mike Vanchiere City Council (4yr) 259 N 1090 E
Lindon Utah 84042
801-372-8921 vachiere@msn.com
Desiree Green City Council (4yr) 207 N 400 W
Lindon Utah 84042
Randi Powell City Council (4 yr) 136 S 350 E
Lindon Utah 84042
801-362-5988 randi.lindoncitycouncil@gmail.com
Adam Fife City Council (4yr) 1362 S 400 E
Mapleton Utah 84664
571-334-0988 awfife@gmail.com
Sam Bernard City Council (4yr) 147 E 600 N
Mapleton Utah 84664
801-931-7887 constructionsam@yahoo.com
David Floyd Stewart City Council (4yr) 1020 N 700 E
Mapleton Utah 84664
801-471-5589 gommez52@aol.com
Jessica Egbert City Council (4yr) 1174 W 900 S
Mapleton Utah 84664
801-367-3634 jessica@jessicaegbert.org
Patrick Bennett Hagen City Council (4yr) 632 N 900 E
Mapleton Utah 84664
801-491-8991 patrick@hfmc.us
Scott Hansen City Council (4yr) 366 E 1300 N
Mapleton Utah 84664
801-369-4500 shansen67@gmail.com
Therin Garrett City Council (4yr) 1932 N 800 W
Mapleton Utah 84664
801-234-0453 electtheringarrett@gmail.com
Mike Nelson City Council (4yr) 952 W 1700 N
Mapleton Utah 84664
801-368-5580 mlnelson657@gmail.com
Christy Nemelka Withdrew City Council (4yr) Mapleton Utah
Nannette Jackson City Council (4yr) 1475 W 1600 N
Mapleton Utah 84664
801-372-4150 nannettej56@gmail.com
Leslie Jones City Council (4yr) 727 S Autumn Drive
Mapleton Utah 84664
801-310-6580 leslie4mapleton@gmail.com
Mickey W. Cochran City Council (4yr) 743 E 640 N
Orem Utah 84097
801-318-8559 gonzofordollars@gmail.com
Jeffrey K. Lambson City Council (4yr) 156 E 1060 N
Orem Utah 84057
801-787-4306 jefflambson@msn.com
Debby Lauret City Council (4yr) 641 S 1920 W
Orem Utah 84059
801-319-8655 debbylauret@gmail.com
Sam Lentz City Council (4yr) 882 W 1720 N
Orem Utah 84057
801-899-9219 sam@sam4orem.com
Tommy Williams City Council (4yr) 119 N 1140 W
Orem Utah 84057
801-687-3995 tommywilliams6usa.com
Martin Wright City Council (4yr) 1635 N 210 E
Orem Utah 84057
801-243-9979 martinwri10@gmail.com
Spencer Rands City Council (4yr)
Orem Utah 84058
David Halliday City Council (4yr) 65 E 1200 S Unit C
Orem Utah 84058
480-299-2844 davidd.halliday@live.com
Terry D. Peterson City Council (4yr) 1125 Lynnwood Dr
Orem Utah 84097
801-999-0875 peterson4orem@gmail.com
David G. Przybyla City Council (4yr) 734 Woodmore Drive
Orem Utah 84058
801-830-3381 prizjr@gmail.com
Nichelle Jensen City Council (4yr)
Orem Utah 84097
602-743-8487 nichellejensen@gmail.com
Payson Rank Choice Voting
Scott Pinkham City Council (4yr) 577 S 600 E Payson Utah 84651 385-201-4671 scottpinkham@aol.com
Linda Carter City Council (4yr) 555 S 300 E Payson Utah 84651 801-465-3959 lindacarter.payson@gmail.com
Doug Welton City Council (4yr) 357 E 1250 S Payson Utah 84651 801-623-7715 dougwelton@gmail.com
Brian Hulet City Council (4yr) 4214 W 12000 S Payson Utah 84651 801-885-8992 bhulet@gmail.com
or www.vote4brian.org
Cary Kenneth Stockwell City Council (4yr) 106 W 1410 S Payson Utah 846511 801-360-3358 cary.02ww@gmail.com
Pleasant Grove
Alexander Carter City Council (4yr) 1949 N 600 W
Pleasant Grove Utah 84062
385-213-7328 alex@alexforpg.com
Brent Bullock City Council (4yr) 1419 N 100 E
Pleasant Grove Utah 84062
801-361-4590 wbbullock@gmail.com
Roy F. Spindler City Council (4yr) 1099 Canyon View Lane
Pleasant Grove Utah 84062
801-796-5777 spindler3@hotmail.com
Aaron Spinhirne City Council (4yr) 56 E 1100 N
Pleasant Grove Utah 84062
214-717-9070 spinhirne10@gmail.com
Cyd LeMone City Council (4yr) 991 E 450 S
Pleasant Grove Utah 84062
801-318-2856 cyd4pg@gmail.com
Carrie Hammond City Council (4yr) 1877 W 1100 N
Pleasant Grove Utah 84062
801-874-0139 chammond1877@gmail.com
Dustin J. Phillips City Council (4yr) 957 E 1100 N
Pleasant Grove Utah 84062
801-821-0873 dustin4pgcity@gmail.com
Eric Jensen City Council (4yr) 120 N Main
Pleasant Grove Utah 84062
801-960-5936 ericdowntown@gamil.com
Bill Fillmore City Countil District 1 (4yr)
Provo Utah 84604
801-427-3989 bregenz67@gmail.com
Beth Alligood City Council District 4 (4yr) 1234 N 2410 W
Provo Utah 84601
801-404-8555 bethalligood@provodistrict4.com
David Shipley City Council City-Wide II (4yr) 752 N 2770 W
Provo Utah 84604
801-427-3989 davexshipley@gmail.com
Eric Ludwig City Council District 4 (4yr) Provo Utah 214-952-0716 ericludwig3@gmail.com
Janae Moss City Council City-Wide II (4yr)
Provo Utah 84604
801-369-5999 janae@janaemoss.org
Shannon Ellsworth City Council District 3 (4yr)
Provo Utah 84606
801-900-3217 ellsworth4provo@gmail.com
Robin Roberts City Council District 3 (4yr) Provo Utah 801-377-7252 dynamiccollisionrepair@hotmail.com
Jeff Handy City Council District 3 (4yr) 428 E 500 S
Provo Utah 84606
801-597-1752 jeff.handy.nzm@gmail.com
Travis Hoban City Council District 4 (4yr) 1893 Cascade Dr
Provo Utah 84604
346-266-4346 travisprecinct31@gmail.com
Valerie Paxman City Council District 4 (4yr)
Provo Utah 84604
801-375-8031 vpaxman@comcast.net
Troy L. Barnum City Council (4yr) 99 W Salem Canal Rd
Salem Utah 84653
801-380-6018 troy@barnum.biz
Delys W. Snyder City Council (4yr) 872 N 460 W
Salem Utah 84653
801-372-0104 delys.snyder@gmail.com
Seth Sorensen City Council (4yr) 684 E 320 S
Salem Utah 84653
801-376-0870 sethvsorensen@gmail.com
Craig Warren Withdrew City Council (4yr) Salem Utah
Tim De Graw City Council (4yr) 456 E 960 S
Salem Utah 84653
801-830-7241 tim.degraw04@gmail.com
Joshua W. Thayer City Council (4yr) 220 S Main Street
Salem Utah 84653
Kody Curtis City Council (4yr) 1353 Maple Cir
Santaquin Utah 84655
801-830-1913 kody.curtis@gmail.com
Jennifer S. Bowman City Council (4yr) 51 E 780 S
Santaquin Utah 84655
801-885-7014 jenniferbowman03@gmail.com
Lynn Mecham City Council (4yr) 410 E 400 N
Santaquin Utah 84655
801-376-2236 lynn.mecham65@gmail.com
Mike Weight City Council (4yr) 567 Summit Trails
Santaquin Utah 84655
Morgan William City Council (4yr) 85 East Main Street
Santaquin Utah 84655
Jordan G. Wood City Council (4yr) 452 W 760 N
Santaquin Utah 84655
801-661-5295 jordanwood8244@msn.com
Denise Prue Rohbock City Council (4yr) 209 E Main Street
Santaquin Utah 84655
801-754-5248 drohbock@msn.com
Douglas J. Rohbock City Council (4yr) 209 E Main Street
Santaquin Utah 84655
David Hathaway City Council (4yr) 265 E Main
Santaquin Utah 84655
Jessica Tolman City Council (4yr) 809 Crest Dale Ln
Santaquin Utah 84655
Saratoga Springs
Christopher B. Carn City Council (4yr) 191 E Cameron Drive
Saratoga Springs Utah 84045
801-850-4404 chcarn@gmail.com
Amy Downing Loveless City Council (4yr) 4067 S Clipper St
Saratoga Springs Utah 84045
801-636-1087 amysueloveless@gmail.com
Kara Martin City Council (4yr) 706 S Jubilee Drive
Saratoga Springs Utah 84045
480-773-1297 jkmarty@gmail.com
Andrew Robinson City Council (4yr) 542 W Jack Frost Way
Saratoga Springs Utah 84045
801-635-0822 andrewforsaratogasprings@gmail.com
Ryan Poduska City Council (4yr) 3525 S Osprey Trail
Saratoga Springs Utah 84045
385-223-4349 rpoduska@gmail.com
Chris Porter City Council (4yr) 677 Appellation Drive
Saratoga Springs Utah 84045
801-341-9215 chris@voteporter.com
Spanish Fork
Chad Argyle City Council (4yr) 1455 E 100 S
Spanish Fork Utah 84660
801-798-8903 ckargyle54@reagan.com
Stacy Beck City Council (4yr) 1849 S 1600 E
Spanish Fork Utah 84660
801-376-2497 stacy_beck@sfcn.org
Shane Marshall City Council (4yr) 1089 E 1420 S
801-380-7783 smmpe@me.com
Brandon Gordon City Council (4yr) 492 N Rees Ave.
Spanish Fork Utah 84660
801-369-5001 brandonfromsf@gmail.com
Craig Conover City Council (4yr) 191 N 1050 E
Springville Utah 84663
801-420-1289 craigcon@gmail.com
Liz Crandall City Council (4yr) PO Box 512
Springville Utah 84663
801-362-8836 luvlizzydesigns@hotmail.com
Tiffany Stubbs Withdrew Springville Utah
Jason Miller City Council (4yr) 576 W 550 N
Springville Utah 84663
801-722-9146 jamiller_@hotmail.com
Harold D. Mitchell City Council (4yr) 911 S 1100 E
Springville Utah 84663
801-489-5632 hdmut@msn.com
Patrick Monney City Council (4yr) 1395 Hobble Creek Drive
Springville Utah 84663
801-358-4216 pmonney9793@gmail.com
Deborah Hall City Council (4yr) 518 W 150 S
Springville Utah 84663
801-494-9728 deborahdawnhall@gmail.com
Matt Packard City Council (4yr) 1364 E 1200 S
Springville Utah 84663
801-592-0501 mpackard@cbutah.com
Brett Nelson Withdrew City Council (4yr) Springville Utah
Katie S. Jones City Council (4yr) 186 E 200 S
Springville Utah 84663
805-587-9203 mskatiejones@gmail.com
Vineyard  Rank Choice Voting
Keith Kuder City Council (4yr) 77 E 460 N Vineyard Utah 84059 801-471-6037 Keith@KeithKuder.com
Hector Rafael Hernandez City Council (4yr) Vineyard Utah 801-960-8475 taketherisk66@gmail.com
Tay Gudmundson City Council (4yr) Vineyard Utah 801-420-1474 tay.gudmundson@gmail.com
G. Tyce Flake City Council (4yr) 27 N Sunset Dr Vineyard Utah 84059 801-921-9490
David Lauret City Council (4yr) Vineyard Utah 801-362-9960 drdtlauret@gmail.com
Woodland Hills
Bob Ottley City Council (4yr) Woodland Hills Utah 801-691-2811 jbottley@gmail.com
Ryan Stones Withdrew City Council (4yr) Woodland Hills Utah
Kari Malkovich City Council (4yr) Woodland Hills Utah 801-822-9149 klmalkovich@gmail.com
Toby Harding City Council (4yr) Woodland Hills Utah 385-335-1102 tobymharding@yahoo.com
Lawrence Henry City Council (4yr) Woodland Hills Utah 801-372-6138 larryandjudithmarie@gmail.com
David Pratt City Council (4yr) Woodland Hills Utah 801-361-9740 dpratt859@gmail.com

Candidate information will be updated here as it becomes available